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By: Yevgeniy Leshchinskiy
Review for 'Adobe PageMill 3'

Rating: 6 of out 6

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Window System Requirements:
486 processor or higher
Windows 95,98 or NT 4.0
16 or more MB ram
20 or more MB of free hard disk space
CD-ROM drive

Mac System Requirements:
Power Macintosh Power PC or better
MacOS 7.5.5 or greater
8 or more MB of available RAM
23 or more MB or free hard disk space
CD-ROM drive

Estimated Price: 99.00

Created By: Adobe Systems

URL to buy windows Version:

URL to try Windows Version:

URL to Buy Mac Version:

If you ever wanted to build a website, but considered it to be too hard, say hello to Adobe Pagemill 3. This program makes it very simple to create great-looking web pages for all kinds of purposes. You can use this program to build anything, from a 2 page personal homepage about your family to a large corporate Web site consisting of hundreds of page. The best part is that no matter what kind of site you decide to build, PageMill 3.0 will make it very simple, in fact it will be just as easy as typing up a letter in your favorite word processing program or writing an email message.
To help you build a great looking, multimedia rich site, PageMill 3 will allow you to create frames, tabular layouts, right-aligned text, and more, all with a click of a button. If you do know some HTML, you can take advantage of the program's source code viewing feature to develop industrial strength sites utilizing such technologies as databases, ASP, and more, while the home or small business user will feel comfortable with PageMill's full WYSWIG (What You See Is What You Get) designing environment. I will give this program 6 stars, since it is a great tool for everyone who wants to have a professional site without learning HTML.