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Review for 'Microsoft FrontPage 2002'

Rating: 5 of out 6

Window System Requirements:
133 Mhz Pentium processor or higher
Windows 98 or later
32 or more MB ram
165 or more MB of free hard disk space
CD-ROM drive

Estimated Price: 169.99

Created By: Microsoft

URL to buy windows Version:

Frontpage is one of the easiest to use and learn of the WYSIWYG editors I have used. You can choose to import and edit an existing site, use your imagination and build a new one, or choose to build one based on included templates and wizards. The templates are prebuilt pages which you can customize to whatever you need. The wizards take you a step further by asking a series of questions, like wether or not you want certain elements in the page, then building the pages for you. Frontpage also includes features such as, cascading style sheets, Java based buttons, tables, frames, and much more! I am giving this program five paintbrushes because it doesn't quite have as many features as other editors.