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Review for 'HotMetal Pro 6'

Rating: 6 of out 6

Window System Requirements:
Pentium processor or higher
Windows 95 or later
32 or more MB ram
50 or more MB of free hard disk space
CD-ROM drive

Estimated Price: 99

Created By: Softquad

URL to buy windows Version:

URL to try Windows Version:

The latest version of HotMetal Pro will let you design a Web site without any knowledge of HTML. Just specify what is the purpose of your site and how you would like it to look and the program will do the rest, creating a professionally designed Web site custom made to your specifications. HotMetal Pro lets you use coordinated page designs, backgrounds, buttons, rulers, animated GIF images, clip art, Java applets, JavaScript, dynamic HTML, and even standard CGI scripts. What's more, all these features can be added to your pages through a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, which lets you view the changes you are making in real time! To make a good program even better, it even includes a built-in graphics editing package, so you can create and manage your graphics right from the program. Verion 5 now offers many new and improved features, such as multiple authoring environments, enhanced file conversion capabilities, integrated site management, a new Resource Manager, an improved Site Maker, and more. I give this program 6 brushes and I think it is a must see for every one.