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Review for 'Magic Viewer 2'

Rating: 5 of out 6

Window System Requirements:
486 processor or higher
Windows 95 or higher
2 MB of avaliable hard disk space
CD-ROM Drive

Estimated Price: 30

Created By: Crayonsoft

URL to buy windows Version:

URL to try Windows Version:

Magic Viewer is a friendly gif animator that has lots of fun-to-use and innovative image editing and conversion functions. Other than functions to easily make gif animation and optimize file size, it has time-saving batch file format conversion functions and a big selection of image editing features, such abilities to add text to graphic, make drop-shadow effect, edit color palettes, make transparent background, flip, resize and rotate graphics, fill selection with color or pattern, sharpen, blur, emboss, invert color, adjust color transparency, and adjust contrast. I gladly give this program 5 paintbrushes, because it is easy to use, has a friendly interface and can perform many advanced functions.