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Review for 'Paint Shop Pro 7'

Rating: 6 of out 6

Window System Requirements:
Pentium processor or higher
Windows 95 or higher
75 MB of avaliable hard disk space
CD-ROM Drive

Estimated Price: 52

Created By: Jasc

URL to buy windows Version:

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Paint Shop Pro is a powerful image design tool, with most of the features of expensive high end graphics tools. With an incredibly versitale, forgiving interface, Paint Shop Pro gives you the power to make professional looking web graphics or touch up your favorite photos. Paint Shop also comes with Animation Shop, which one of the best animation and compression tools I have used. With the slick animation wizard you can be making animations in no time. It also has different image transitions such as, fade, dissolve, twirl and many more. I gladly give Paint Shop Pro six brushes because of it's easy to use interface, and it doesn't take forever to learn.