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Review for 'Cool 3D 3.0'

Rating: 6 of out 6

Window System Requirements:
166 Mhz Pentium processor or higher
Windows 95 or higher
32 MB of available hard disk space

Estimated Price: 49

Created By: Ulead

URL to buy windows Version:

URL to try Windows Version:

If you want ease of use and great looking 3D text and animations then this program is for you! With tons of different materials, textures, preset animations and it's drag and drop interface make it easy to learn and use. You can choose between different bevels, thicknesses, fonts, lights, backgrounds, motion, and more! With it's unbelievable price for this powerful of a program you can't go wrong. I give it 6 paintbrushes because it has a clean interface, is easy to use and has a very powerful rendering engine.