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Review for 'Gif Animator 4'

Rating: 6 of out 6

Window System Requirements:
Pentium processor or higher
Windows 95, NT 4, or higher
30 MB of avaliable hard disk space

Estimated Price: 20

Created By: Ulead

URL to buy windows Version:

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Ulead Gif Animator is an excellent program which allows you to create animations quickly and easily. With wizards, full toolbars, work panels and a WYSIWYG interface, it may prove to be an animation utility of choice. Ulead GIF Animator can help you build compact and fast loading GIFs. By performing difference analysis on a file, you can remove redundant portions frame by frame. You'll enjoy dozens of editing tools that can provide 3D effects and render images in crisp, clear color. Utilize handy optimization wizards as well composition productivity aides. The program supports a variety of multimedia files, such as AVI and most image formats. Use it to build animations from scratch or edit existing GIFs or video files. Directly convert AVI and QuickTime files to GIFs. All composition of animation, from grabbing files from Explorer to layer reordering, can be handled with simple drag and drops. Create GIFs with color-animated effects, many kinds of banner text and infinite looping. Your work-in-progress can be previewed at anytime. View GIFs in either the application or a favorite browser. You don't have to be a pro to benefit from Ulead GIF Animator. Overall, it's a well-designed program that can do wonderful things for your web site.