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Review for 'Building Revenue on the Web'

Rating: 4 of out 6

Written By: Greg Helmstetter

Page Count: 368

Cover Type: Softcover

Published By: John Wiley & Sons

Date Published: 3/2000

List Price: $29.99

The first guide to the most rapidly growing form of e-commerce. Begun by in 1997 as a way of generating sales through referrals from linked Web sites, affiliate selling has quickly mushroomed into one of the biggest sources of e-commerce revenue. In fact, experts predict that, within the next few years, affiliate sales will account for as much as 25% of all retail e-commerce. Written by pioneering experts in the field, this is a comprehensive guide to planning, implementing, and managing affiliate relationships on the Web. Marketing, advertising, sales and publicity professionals, as well as Webmasters, will learn about the various types of affiliate programs and how to choose the best one for their goals. They will also get the hands-on advice and guidance on how to implement the required technologies; manage content development, analyze traffic trends and herd traffic to their sites, maximize commissions by refining the product mix, placement, and display, and more. The companion Web site features templates and checklists for implementing, managing, and tracking an affiliate program, along with links to resources and sites discussed in the book