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Review for 'The Animation Book'

Rating: 5 of out 6

Written By: Kit Laybourne & John Canemaker

Page Count: 448

Cover Type: Paperback

Published By: Three Rivers Press

Date Published: December 22, 1998

List Price: $17

Kit Laybourne is not new on the animation scene. He authored the first edition of The Animation Book way back in 1979. The latest edition authored along with John Canemaker carries the same wealth of information that can be extremely valuable for any one in the animation field, right from a novice to an intermediate level professional. But what this book also has is a heavy dose of state-of-the-art computer techniques covering some latest animation software to let you make professional level animations.

While the book has a decent level of focus on fundamental animation concepts, what makes this book truly special is the coverage it provides to the new-age animation concepts such as 3-D and the very latest hardware and software combinations that make all that possible. The use of case studies as a training methodology makes it highly comprehensible for any beginner in the animation field.

The excellent discussion on film techniques should come as no surprise as Kit has been a highly successful producer having created some great works in the television industry. His programs have been aired on major television channels such as MTV and Nickelodeon. The book is a must-have for anyone it the animation industry today.