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Review for 'Effect3D'

Rating: 6 of out 6

Window System Requirements:
Pentium II 400 MHz
128 MB RAM
50 MB disk space
Windows 98 or higher

Estimated Price: $39.95

Created By: Reallusion

Free Trial: Yes

URL to buy windows Version:

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If you are looking for an easy to use yet powerful tool to create animated 3D graphics, Effect3D is a great options! This programs allows you to create professional looking 3D objects, add animations, and use 3D effects to enhance your work. Effect3D is well suited for both beginners and professionals, as it makes it easy to produce eye-catching artworks in minutes.

Effect3D is easy to use program because its wizard-based interface takes care of all the hard work. A full array of formal art tools are present in the software, including pencil strokes, morphing technology, natural lighting and shadow flows, water colors and textures, as well as other animation techniques. More than 20 style effects are provided in Effect3D including Real, Charcoal, Haze, Sketch, Water Color, Stipple, Seurat, Ink Print, Dry Brush, etc.

Effect3D comes with more than 500 3D objects included within the software that can be manipulated with ease. All the objects are specially designed for use in presentations and Web design. You can browse the archive in preview mode for easy selection. Once you find the desired object, you can apply thousands of special effects to the object. Using Effect3D, you can make your 3D objects bow and dance, move back-and-forth, float, or rotate. Effect3D has an open architecture, so any 3D objects can be downloaded or imported. I give Effect3D 6 out of 6 as it is a very strong and versatile 3D animation program.